The Squanto

November 18, 2016

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Squanto returns to Two Boots! This pie features smoked turkey made by Breezy’s BBQ in Rockaway Beach, NYC, is topped with yam pesto, and includes a cranberry sauce dipper with every slice! This slice will only be available from November 18-23 at participating stores, so come by and grab one!


We give thanks to Squanto, the Patuxet tribesman who instructed the pilgrims how to plant maize and eat eels. For his good deeds he was enslaved by the English, saw his tribe exterminated by smallpox and was poisoned to death by rivals. At least once a year we try to make it up to him with this pie in his honor! (And as SJP said on Glee: “I’ll probably just get some turkey pizza from Two Boots and recreate my first Thanksgiving in New York.”)