Dear Amazing Two Boots Customers,

December 2, 2018

Dear Amazing Two Boots Customers,

It’s been our honor to set down deep roots in each of your communities, and to have served you over 50,000,000 slices in the last 31 years. And we plan on being around for at least another 31!

However, about ten years ago we signed a bunch of leases at an inopportune time — before the market collapsed — and have been suffering the financial ramifications ever since. Now many of the leases are expiring and we’ve decided to move on to new spaces in nearby locations. Ideally we would have accomplished this without any interruption of business, but when dealing with the NYC real estate market, things don’t always turn out ideally.

So we apologize for going dark on the Upper East Side, in Hell’s Kitchen & at Midtown East, but we have every intention of reopening quickly in each of those neighborhoods — and to serve the same unique Cajun-Italian pizza, in the same folk art-filled spaces, with the same family-friendly staff that has made Two Boots a NYC institution for several generations.

Thanks for bearing with us — and please come find us in our new locations soon!


Phil Hartman


Two Boots